XML 1.1 and Namespaces 1.1 Revealed

20 May 2004

This article attempts to clear up the mystery that seems to surroundXML 1.1 and its companion specification, Namespaces 1.1. With thisinformation in hand you are prepared to deal with XML 1.1 should youever be asked to support it in your programs. XML 1.1 is not arevolution – it’s merely an evolution of XML 1.0 that does notrequire major changes. Most people will end up with XML 1.1 processorsas they upgrade their parsers, just as all the Xerces users already did.Indeed, since version 2.3.0 was released over a year ago Xerces Javacan parse XML 1.1 documents! And since the recent version 2.5.0,Xerces C++ can too. So, even though you may not know it, if you havealready picked up one of these versions or a more recent one you canalready process XML 1.1 documents. The nature of the changes broughtby XML 1.1 and Namespaces 1.1 do not necessitate such a change in theInfoset specification. When the W3C released the other tworecommendations, they also released a new edition of the XML InformationSet Recommendation in which the impact of these specs is described,but basically it is limited in what content one can find in the Infoset.No structural change was made to the data model, and therefore youdon’t need to define new information items or modify existing ones. read the article